What LeadBrander Is

The first Lead Generation and eCommerce Platform to Build Your Brand Easily

Leadbrander helps you create an online store, landing pages, generating and managing clients interested in your niche to sell them any product easily without spending money on ads.

  • The Highest Return On Investment
  • Best Seo Optimized Store
  • Supports Any Language in The World

Why Choose Us

Winning Landing Pages And Safe Data

LeadBrander is an Italian local e-Commerce platform based on cash on delivery to build stores and high-quality landing pages, generating and managing clients interested in your niche to sell them any product easily without spending money on ads.

  • High Converting Landing Pages For Cash On Delivery Businesses
  • Transform your store from abandoned pages into a real project that visitors flock to
  • Share the success: Invite your friends and get 80% commissions today.


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Your Data Is Safe

Your data is saved on cloud servers and controlled by European laws. Nobody sees your data. As we are located in Europe, your privacy is highly protected, and no one can access or use your data.

Lead Generation

LeadBrander helps you generate and manage clients interested in your niche to sell them any product easily without spending money on ads using lead generation power exclusively on LeadBrander.

Winning Landing Pages

We test many landing pages every day. When we find a winning landing page, we make it available for you on LeadBrander; you Focus on Selling; we take care of your KPIs and find Landing Pages that work.

Our Pricing Plan

The real price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.


$ 0.00 /Month
  • Create 1 Free Store
  • Up To 50 Orders Per Month
  • COD Manager
  • Referral Program


$ 7.99 /Month
  • Including Hosting And Domain
  • All FREE PLAN Features
  • Up To 1000 Orders Per Month
  • Support by Email


$ 12.99 /Month
  • All STARTER PLAN Features
  • Create 10 Landing Pages
  • Up To 3000 Orders Per Month
  • Complete Store Builder


$ 24.99 /Month
  • All PRO PLAN Features
  • Create Unlimited Stores
  • Unlimited Orders Per Month
  • Lead Generation

Clients Review


“I always want to do cash on delivery here in NY; people laugh at me, saying that Cash On Delivery is not for the USA until I found LeadBrander on Facebook. I didn't hesitate to try it; now I am doing incredible numbers. Good luck to the people who say there is no cash on delivery here in the country.”

Charlotte Nelson

Digital Marketer

“Honestly, this platform has a tremendous future, and anyone who tries it will discover the value of what I say because it will change the way you work in Cash On Delivery. I describe my business experience as: before LeadBrander and After LeadBrander because using this service made a massive change in my career.”

Francesco Cadena

Software Engineer

“This is the first software dedicated to cash on delivery that I ever tested and I admit that it exceeded all my expectations. It is a must-have software for anyone who wants to compete on cash on delivery eCommerce”

Farhan L

Software Engineer

“I am happy to be one of the first Beta testers for LeadBrander; I got 20% more conversions and almost doubled my earning by spending the same amount of money on ads; there is nothing compared to Leadbrander on the internet for now.”

Aziz Mchemch

Top Affiliate

“There is nothing to complain about, high conversion rate, excellent speed, complete control on all landing pages, and much more; there is no competitor for LeadBrander. It is simply the only one and the best.”

Mateus Alvaro

Digital Marketer

Cash On Delivery Software

Do you think that eCommerce is searching for a product, creating a store and running ads? My friend, it is 2021; people are getting smarter, they know very well what a dropshipping store is, and they run away from them. Do you know why?
Because over the last ten years, many marketers have abused customers by sending low-quality products or not even sending the product, so buyers suffered a lot with this. Imagine you buy a gift for your loved one, and this gift came with low quality or didn't even come? People are furious, so they run away from typical stores.

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The Power Of LeadBrander

Imagine a person who sells a smartwatch locally in his city through Facebook Ads, and he pays five dollars for each sale. After a while, this product no longer received sales, so the owner searched for a new product until he found another product to sell that cost him 5 or 6 dollars per sale. This scenario may seem normal and good to you, but this is the worst thing you can do because it is not smart to pay Mark Zuckerberg every time to show your ads to the same people, so LeadBrander made the first platform to attract customers interested in your niche and to collect their information in one platform, and every time you have a new product, you contact them and sell to them easily without spending any amount of money on ads

High-Converting Stores

LeadBrander provides landing pages with high conversion rates because your store looks like the big brands that customers trust and love to buy from, making it easier for you to sell.

Know Your Numbers

Unlike the other platforms where you have little information about your business, LeadBrander gives you plenty of information to see what is happening in your business to scale quickly.

Full Control

In addition to the best eCommerce website builder, you will be able to control its performance professionally. You can add a pixel or any code quickly and track sales and leads anytime.

Create An eCommerce Store

Imagine if you were able to create a high-converting store that accepts COD Payment in few minutes to test or scale any product you want.

Lead Generation

Create a squeeze page to build a list of leads interested in your niche to sell them any product at any time for free and focus on growing your audience to build a brand on solid foundations.

Be A Big Baller

Start working on your brand now to sell every day without the need for ads all the time so, get ready to dominate the market using the power of SAAS that will help you increase your sales significantly.